ALT: logistics, stock management, storage, transport, industrial packaging, materials handling, Brittany, Normandy.

Last update: 23/01/2017

Industrial packaging

ALT has tremendous know-how in industrial packaging. The group's extensive, complete offering ranges from packaging of hazardous materials or packaging for long storage to the supply of materials for use in packaging activities. ALT has developed its case making business into a real speciality. In addition to making wooden crates and returnable packaging, we design and build custom layout cardboard containers...

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Materials handling and factory transfer

ALT provides customers with a quality service thanks to fifty or more specialist technicians and a range of well-chosen equipment, crane-arm trucks from 12 to 81 tonnes, and forklifts from 1 to 12 tonnes. Our teams can operate in any industrial sector (manufacturing, food processing, mechanical, electronic, etc.), anywhere in the world...

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Stock management

ALT currently boasts 120,000m² of secure warehousing space laid out to suit each customer's requirements. We also have teams working integrally with our clients on their premises...

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International logistics

In an ever-changing international environment, ALT is the reliable partner of small and large companies alike. The group deploys its activities at home and abroad to support clients in their export or import operations. Its precision knowledge of the various transport methods means it can structure your approach to sea, rail, and air freight...

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Training - Technical inspection

Training your workforce increases productivity and reduces the number of accidents at work.
For beginners and veterans alike, we offer the following training courses...

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