ALT: logistics, stock management, storage, transport, industrial packaging, materials handling, Brittany, Normandy.

ALT Quimper

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ALT Le Havre a obtenu la certification MASE
Last update: 23/01/2017


MASE is a management system whose purpose is to continually improve a company's HSE performance (Health, Safety, and the Environment)

 It's a service provided by industrial peers among themselves in the aim of:

  • Improving safety through a competent management system in the company
  • Better organizing and communicating on improvements in the working condition of employees
  • Implementing a common language so everyone can progress together

MASE is a nonprofit consortium whose members are user companies and working companies

MASE is a repository of information

It's a thought provoking system that helps companies better structure their HSE organization by focusing on five key areas.

MASE is also an acknowledgement and certification body

The goal is to make safety management systems a long-term success through periodic review of companies' results and the award of a certificate by the regional steering committee following audit by a selected independent body.