Atlantique de Logistique et Transport (ALT)
9, Rue de Kervézennec
Z.I. de Kergonan - B.P. 23

Téléphone : +33 298 41 49 05
Télécopie : +33 298 02 51 06
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Materials handling and factory transfer

To fulfil the client's highly specific requirements, ALT has set up teams of qualified and official accredited specialist technicians equipped with modern tools.

ALT can perform:

  • All types of heavy or delicate handling
  • All factory and office relocations in France and in the world
  • All disconnection and reconnection operations: electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic
  • All mechanical and chemical fastenings with upgrades

as well as a range of services:

  • Rental of lorries with auxiliary hoists and accredited drivers.
  • Transport of abnormal, special, and secured loads