Atlantique de Logistique et Transport (ALT)
9, Rue de Kervézennec
Z.I. de Kergonan - B.P. 23

Téléphone : +33 298 41 49 05
Télécopie : +33 298 02 51 06
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Industrial packaging

ALT has tremendous know-how in industrial packaging. The group's extensive, complete offering ranges from the packaging of hazardous materials or packaging for long storage, to the supply of materials intended for packaging activities.

ALT has developed its case making business into a real speciality. In addition to making wooden crates and returnable packaging, we design and build custom layout cardboard containers. The company supplies wrap-around cases in long lengths (up to 6 metres) for containing things like metal strips, cylinder rods, antennae, and other longitudinal products.

ALT also actively develops containerization and container stuffing services.

It can provide protection for your goods against knocks and corrosion.

It is a member of SEILA (society of industrial packaging and associated logistics), which means you can be sure the latest tried and tested standards are always met.

In the Packaging field, ALT offers a variety of solutions:

  •  Packaging for long storage and packaging of hazardous materials


  • Mechanical protection and corrosion prevention


  • Manufacture of wood and plywood crates, returnable packaging


  • Design and manufacture of custom layout cardboard containers


  • Supply of packaging materials