Atlantique de Logistique et Transport (ALT)
9, Rue de Kervézennec
Z.I. de Kergonan - B.P. 23

Téléphone : +33 298 41 49 05
Télécopie : +33 298 02 51 06
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Logistic solutions

With 40 years’ experience behind it and 9 offices throughout the West of France, ALT is a total service provider with a full range of logistic solutions.

Our company is part of an independent group specializing in the provision of across-the-board logistic services. Our activity focuses on 9 main areas including industrial packaging, case manufacture, stock management, industrial handling, factory transfers, international logistics, transport, training, and regulations compliance.

Our distinction lies in the ability to offer a service tailored to national or international dimensions while retaining the flexibility and responsiveness of a regional provider. Our geographical network affords customers the benefit of close local contact, acknowledged know-how, and guaranteed services.

ALT lends a sound structure and high-performance tools to your resources.

  • We have 120,000 m² of warehouse space, 240 vehicles, and 111 fork lift trucks available.
  • Furthermore, ALT is ISO 9001 v 2008 certified across all its activities.