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ALT Le Havre a obtenu la certification MASE
Last update: 23/01/2017

In an international environment marked by ongoing outbreaks of terrorism, the EU member states are taking steps to reinforce security in the international logistic chain.

Since July, 2009, companies operating in international trade are subject to the requirement to provide a forward summary declaration of exit and entry, furnishing all information judged necessary to the analysis of security risks.

To avoid causing too much disruption to legitimate trade, a security amendment was introduced based on the concept of the Authorised Economic operator (AEO), with effect from 1st January, 2008.

This AEO status is valid throughout the European Union and acknowledges the more reliable operators in the Community in an approach similar to that of quality labelling. Authorised Economic Operator status is going to provide certified companies and their users with a medium- and long-term competitive advantage.

Uncertified companies run the risk of losing market share as an "AEO closed circuit" begins to evolve. The implementation of AEO status will have a direct impact throughout the logistical chain; any exporter or importer who seeks AEO status for their goods is making a statement to the customs authorities that they have chosen partners/subcontractors who apply the same conditions of safety and security as themselves.

Eligible operators are customs brokers, import and export shipping clients, and logistics companies like ALT.


Avantage of AEO status:

  • Simplified customs clearance facility
  • Preferential treatment regarding inspections (lower number of physical and documentation checks, checks given priority over those on uncertified operators)
  • Summary declaration of entry with reduced information requirement
  • Forward notice of physical inspection at Customs.


There are three distinct categories of status:

  1. Customs simplification
  2. Safety/security
  3. Both the above


ALT is not involved in customs brokerage activities, so safety/security status is the chosen category.

This certificate is recognized by every country in the EU.